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Prosecco Gift Sets for Mother's Day

Prosecco Gift Sets for Mother's Day. Find a special gift set with prosecco for your mother.

Prosecco Gift Sets for Mother's Day. Mothers day prosecco at alicesshop.com

Prosecco Gift Sets for Mother's Day. Buying your mother who likes the odd tipple a bottle of prosecco for a special occasion like Mother's Day, is always greatly appreciated, but adding a little bit of personalisation to it just gives that extra special touch to an otherwise ordinary gift! Add some chocolates or a rose and you are sure to make a happy Mother's Day!

Personalised Prosecco Gift Sets. Best prosecco gift set for your best one.

A bottle of classic Italian prosecco and delicious chocolates makes this a simple but elegant prosecco gift set for an occasion.
They have been carefully matched to compliment one another's fruity and fizzy notes. Flamboyant and elegant. Enjoy crisp apple on the tongue with fresh pear and an uplifting lemony zing - a truly classic combination. The whole package is beautifully packed and works in total harmony. Prosecco perfection is definitely welcome at any celebration.

Choose a perfect prosecco gift set and personalise it for your loved one or just for yourself.